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Chloe Carlson

Artist Statement

I am terrified of death. Of ceasing to exist. Terrified of my vision going black, the sounds going silent, and every sensation that once made up my perceptions of reality, vanishing. I am petrified of things which once seemed important enough to cry over, to lay on the ground screaming till you hyperventilate, important enough to love, to commit my body and soul to, those things even important enough to die for, all devoid of meaning beyond my death. And though I am happy to contribute to a greater biological purpose, I would be lying if I said I don’t grow sick at the idea of worms, insects, and fungi, burrowing through my decomposing flesh until I am reduced to the byproduct of their digestive processes.

However, eventually this, in one way or another, is where we will all end up . Piles of sh*t protruding through the ground that the living walk on, or pieces of ash floating in the air they breathe. It is inevitable. All we can do is try to accept it, and choose to make our own meaning out of the things that might be inherently meaningless. In the end this is all I can do. These paintings depict the journey which has led me to such conclusions. They are one of the things I have chosen to mean something. Enjoy.

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