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Emma Rafferty

Artist Statement

Emma Rafferty is a photography student at Western Michigan University,
and her artistic journey has been marked by a profound exploration of
growth and self-discovery. As she prepares for her upcoming senior show,
Emma’s work showcased in Art Hop serves as a glimpse into the creative
evolution that has shaped her as both an artist and young woman. The
triptych of cyanotypes represents stages in her artistic and personal
Through her work, Emma invites viewers to reject on their own personal
journeys while simultaneously celebrating this exploration of self-discovery
and transformation. The ethereal beauty of the cyanotypes, with their rich
blue hues and delicate textures, captures the essence of growth in many
forms, specifically with the use of flowers and other foliage. The work not
only resonates with her personal evolution but also serves as an inspiration
for all of those who encounter it. As she prepares to graduate and take her
next steps as an artist, her triptych stands as a testament to the
transformative power of self-expression and the enduring beauty of the
human spirit.

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