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Gracie Klingbeil

Artist Statement

Gracie Klingbeil is an artist, metalsmith, and student working toward her
BFA at Western Michigan University in the Frostic School of Art. She is
based out of Chicago and has been working in metals since 2022. Gracie is
fascinated by color theory and how color can divulge different meanings
and connotations in her work. She has been shown locally in Kalamazoo
and she has work in the Western Michigan University permanent art
collection after winning the Frostic School of Art Director’s Exhibition
Award in 2023.
Color theory experimentation and meaning plays a key role in Gracie
Klingbeil’s practice, shown through her powder-coated and enameled
jewelry. In her recent powder-coat earring collection, Elements, Gracie
incorporates her interest in fluid and organic shapes while interweaving
elements of nature. This can be seen prominently in her butterfly and koi
fish earrings. Each pair of earrings in Gracie’s collection offers balance and
ying yang, where the two complimentary pieces encompass the process of
the universe and create a connection to nature through the wearer. The
collection’s primary colors include bright red, ultramarine blue, and bronze
powder-coat. This color pallet resemble Gracie’s experiences with
elements in nature such as noting the hues of the sky, bodies of water, and
the sun in relation to highlighting our environment. Each pair of earrings
presents equilibrium, unity, and tranquility that is activated by the person
wearing the piece.

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