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Kris Walker

Artist Statement

In my 30+ year journey as a photographer and digital artist, I’ve always been drawn to architecture and the geometry of buildings. This series started as an exploration of shape and pattern. Starting with tightly cropped photos of architectural details, I looked for interesting shapes and patterns. Rotating and mirroring those patterns further broke down those elements into abstractions. That led to geometric patterns reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, which then inspired the use of saturated colors to contrast the monochromatic finish on most buildings. This is the antithesis of architecture in a way.

Fundamentally, architectural design is bound by utility. Everything from how the space is used by the client to the basic properties of the construction materials constrains what is possible. Stripping away the physical structure allows me to transform those buildings into the pure elements of visual design (shape, color, pattern, etc). This series expresses a core element of my creative soul – the exploration of possibilities. The question I constantly ask in my work is “What if…?”.

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