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Marita Mukantwali

Artist Statement

Each work I create has a message. I want people to see what I see, how things are where I am from, and the craziness of my world. I choose topics that may make viewers feel uncomfortable in the hope of changing their opinions. My work takes a critical view of issues such as gun violence, issues of physical beauty, reality, photography, and abstract. I make visible that which is overlooked. I am grateful for the opportunities Africa and America have offered. Being an artist gives me the chance to share my ideas. Through history, art has always been a way to record human existence.

Creating art is an important element, it’s about creating a new style, and a new form of the world. My motto on this each is to stand out and I have a vision of what the world needs more of today. Nothing in the world stays the same, it’s important to update our minds and create the change needed. I want my art to create change as Martin Luther King’s dreams continue to do so even after these years. This is not because Dr. King represents a part of the movement, it is not only about being an important influence but what he represents, especially to people of color. I
want my work to create a voice for those who have been invisible and silenced by the world. I want to stand where the greatest people in history have stood and continue their work.

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