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Robyn Hoing – Project Butterfly

Artist Statement

Project Butterfly is a photo-representation of the varied lives of people in the Trans community. What started out as a documentary on the trials and challenges that one faces when they are part of the Trans spectrum, has blossomed into an expression of self-love and happiness. As a photographer, I find beauty in the human form. As a friend, I have watched some of the strongest people I know become their true selves through questioning and transition. When developing Project Butterfly I knew I wanted to make an impact without putting anyone at risk. I knew I had to gain trust from people who had been let down by friends and family – let alone strangers. I knew I had to photograph them in a way in which they are most comfortable – and do it well. The participants of Project Butterfly have shown me the joy, beauty, and pride that comes from loving oneself. They are strong and resilient and worthy of love and respect. They deserve to be celebrated.

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