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Austin Rounds

Artist Statement

Austin Rounds is a twenty-year-old artist who has used his art as an outlet and a way to express himself when the world around him may feel off kilter, beautiful, and even challenging. Being autistic has not always been easy, but it is a part of who Austin is, and only adds to his creativity.

Austin just finished his art projects as the sole illustrator for the book, Michigan Monsters and Macabre Series Two (available now) by Wicked Harvest Books.

Austin continues to work on commissioned pieces of art and enjoys working with a variety of styles and mediums. Austin has been participating in the Kalamazoo Art Hop since June of 2021 and has been the feature artist at multiple venues including the Kalamazoo State Theatre.

Austin had multiple art exhibits at the Center for New Media and Kalamazoo Valley Museum (downtown Kalamazoo) in 2022. Austin was interviewed by PBS for Kalamazoo Lively Arts Show and has been featured in multiple panel discussions at Western Michigan University and the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Austin has several book projects scheduled for 2023.

Please enjoy the marvelously creative and unbridled art of Austin Rounds.


Epic Center Second Floor Atrium – Multiple Artists