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Blended Narratives: KRESA Education for the Arts Teaching Artists

Artist Statement

Notice what happens when you bring a group of EFA Teaching Artists together to share their journey through drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, mixed media, and photography. EFA proudly presents Blended Narratives, a collection of artworks created by none other than our own Teaching Artists. See how a group of artists who teach and create together can mix it up and assemble a whole new narrative. They have combined their works of art allowing new stories to emerge as they bring their pieces together into one exhibition. Discover firsthand the working methods of the Teaching Artists who partner with area educators and students. Learn how these artists create visual works of art through their personal experiences and imagination.

Artwork by Paddy Aidan, Heather Boersma, Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Karen French-Hall, Brent Harris, Honore Lee, Gayle Reyes, Corinne Satterlee, Kim Shaw, Meg Tang, and Mary Whalen.

Contact Info

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