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Cleanna Crabill

Artist Statement

Cleanna is an unusual creature that hails from Sturgis, Michigan. Throughout her degree in Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University, she honed both technical and conceptual skills that allow her be a vessel for art in many shapes and forms. She believes that art makes itself and the artist (or writer, musician, actor, what have you) is merely the vehicle for the divine (if you believe in that kind of woo-woo stuff). For her, the forms that most often present themselves are poetry, mixed-media collage/found fragments, paintings, and photography, with the occasional performance piece weaseling its way in. Whether exploring the sublime, memory, gender, capitalism, existentialism, or absurdism, Cleanna is grateful for the opportunity to dive into complex subjects and create and connect with artists and writers around the world.

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Epic Center Second Floor Atrium – Multiple Artists