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Artist Statement

K is an artist and photographer currently exploring the medium of long
exposure photography using light painting techniques which is done by
moving various light sources in front of a camera lens while the shutter is
open. Navigating through a new space with light and documenting its
movement is of particular interest to K.

Before getting into light painting and night photography, K previously
photographed liminal spaces and exhibited this work under the title
Crowded Empty Places. The work included Chicago tourist areas during
their busiest times of the day in contrast to when no one was there.
Documenting the spaces was the first step and the next was to move
through them. K found the work of Noel Kerns, a liminal space
photographer, inspiring. who photographs ghost towns using colored
lights to give them a new feeling.

K began collecting various light sources including flashlights, colored
LEDs, and Christmas lights and shot with them on location in various areas
around southwest Michigan. The result were many images that looked
different from each other based on the time the shutter of the camera was
open or the movement of the chosen light source.