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KJSO Chamber Ensembles

Artist Statement

The Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Ensemble Program usually includes a woodwind quintet, a brass quintet, and two string quartets. The players in these ensembles are invited to the program by the Music Director; they represent among the most advanced musicians in the KJSO, and act as ambassadors for the orchestra to the larger community.

Ensemble playing develops advanced musical technique and interpretation, promotes active listening skills, and allows for sensitive and flexible playing as individual members of a small group. The skills developed in the ensemble strengthen members’ leadership in the full orchestra.

The KJSO ensembles are coached by prominent local teaching artists, including members of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. Each ensemble gives educational presentations at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kalamazoo, outreach performances at area senior residences and other comm performances in the KJSO concert series.