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Lizbeth Lopez

Artist Statement

Lizbeth Lopez is a recent first-generation graduate from Kalamazoo College. She graduated with a degree in Studio Art and Art History while also expanding her worlds in creative writing.
Being a Mexican American woman born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Houston, Texas raised a lot of conflicting thoughts on identity and community. As well as being the first openly queer member in her family, Lizbeth has a difficult time choosing between subject matter as well as a targeted audience. At home, she paints when her chronic pain isn’t flaring up and even then, she’ll try to create one way or another.
The main focus of her art primarily comes from relationships in nature. The artist’s primary medium choice is acrylic paint, but her works have not been limited by that. There are texture elements – such as chipping sections off the work, molding paste, found objects, and anything that sparkles. The works of nature are not always a still life rendering, but contemporary creations in which color combinations can be explored.
Lizbeth’s exhibition titled Where is Life? depicts earthy flora and fauna are placed in a cosmic universe where the relation between space and figure is greatly altered. Life in space conversation tend to lead to a search of other life akin to humans. There is life found in the cosmos, there are organisms that can survive the harshest of environments, and they are considered less than solely because they don’t match the projected intelligence level of humankind. To claim that these creatures and experiences in nature are not intelligent or have any worth is unfathomable. These flora and fauna, the natural disasters, are part of a life on Earth that is barely understood.
Humanity is a tiny star amongst the expanse of the universe, there is much to be uncovered. As Lizbeth states, “My relationship with art is complex, as with any artist. I don’t tend to plan out what a painting would look like besides the initial spark of motivation. Often, I don’t know where a project will go until I put paint to canvas. I see the finished product in my head as a living moment, constantly shifting yet remaining frozen in time. Perspective is a struggle for me because I lose interest in the process, carrying more for the subject matter rather than the technique.
The way I see things versus the way they actually are don’t always coincide. The way I remember it, the picture I take, how other people see it, will always be different than what it actually is. One is not a truer form than the rest. Perfection doesn’t matter in my artwork.” You can now find Lizbeth working at Colors & Cocktails, where she is happily teaching art outside an academic setting like she always wanted to! You can find more of her work (and her cats) on Instagram @LittleLandscapesbyLL.