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Artist Statement

My work is based on the creation of functional, wheel-thrown ceramics fired at a cone ten, high fire temperature. At every step of my work, I involve the intimate process of creating handmade pottery and the process of using said items. My work acknowledges the intimacy of using functional objects while analyzing the levels of proximity they are held to the body; a cup you put to your mouth, a mug you clutch in your hand, and a bowl you rest on your lap.

While appreciating the gentle intimacy of a lip, an edge, and a foot I draw in the sense of touch with an exploration of shapely texture guided by an interest in habitual use. Each piece I make is based on practice, repetition, and guided visions of what can be.

I make pottery because of the grounding process of wheel throwing, tactile and physical, necessitating personal exploration, and inducing communication between the material, the object, the self, and the community. Making functional works that are meant to be used, placed, and held are the guiding principles of my ceramic work.